The BSP special machine for the construction of silos consist of 4 main parts:
– a profiling machine
– a folding machine
– a mounting ring
– the un-coiler reel

BSP bought the double folding patent by Lipp GmbH in 1977.
Actually BSP produces own silo former machines.

The double fold joint is what makes the BSP silo advantageous.
It runs in a spiral way all around the silo thus bearing all horizontal pressure applied to any part of the structure.
The double fold is completely gas/water-tight and creates an internal smooth surface free from grooves and edges.


The extraction of hard flow products from silos is not so easy as it seems: powdery and compacting bulk behaves differently any time and can cause a lot of problems. Thanks to the experience and the cooperation of Italian and French engineers this problem can be fronted and removed.

In 1980 BSP acquired the Parcey know how of the planetary extractor.

Actually BSP is the European leader in the production of planetary screw extractors applied in different fields, cement, aggregates and biomasses.