Engineering and Project Management

BSP service levels reflect the high quality of its products.

To achieve the reliability and efficiency of a system, it is first necessary to understand the customer’s needs and his process logic.

Good communication and reliable product support ensure that BSP systems perform at the highest level.

The implementation of the design is facilitated by BSP’s fifty years of experience that reinforced over time thanks to the collaboration with skilled international engineers.

An internal technical office constituted by civil, mechanical and electrical engineers, thanks to the implementation of the most modern calculation and 3D design software, for both metal structures and handling machines, guarantees full control of the model and a preventive and effective management of possible problems due to the interactions of components supplied by the various stakeholders within a complex industrial plant.

Preliminary design

Risk analysis and other

Structural engineering


Executive design

Fabrication design


BSP has developed its own project management methodology.

Its specific methodical approach, supported by well-defined tools that ensure efficient and effective project management, guarantees BSP clients with a service higher level.

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